Client ID for GalileoTerminal

The Client ID is a mandatory parameter for every GalileoTerminal account.

Client ID is the unique descriptor/address of a given access to the Travelport host system. GalileoTerminal account communicates with the host through the given Client ID.

Agency can obtain the Client ID from the local Travelport representative.

Client ID is requested by the local Travelport representative through the ProvisionIT application and provisioned by Travelport Int. – BOMS department.

This manual provides a step-by-step instruction on how to order a Client ID suitable for GalileoTerminal, using the ProvisionIT application.

Please remember that GalileoTerminal requires a Client ID with a specific configuration (shared subnet) suitable to GalileoTerminal.

If you receive an error (“Could not establish session with Galileo. Your Client ID may be wrong”) while sending a command to the host in the terminal window, please check the Client ID configuration with your local Travelport representative. Usually, shared subnet 128 is not added. Please see the manual to learn how to add it.

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